Provolone Piccante 1kg

Ingredients: Milk, salt, rennet. In the rind preservatives E235, E202

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Provolone Piccante is a type of Provolone cheese that is known for its sharp and robust flavour. Provolone cheese is an Italian semi-hard cheese that comes in two main varieties: Provolone Dolce (mild) and Provolone Piccante (sharp).


Provolone Piccante is aged for a longer period, developing a more intense flavour. Provolone is a stretched-curd cheese made from cow’s milk. It undergoes a unique pasta filata cheese-making process, similar to mozzarella, which imparts its distinct texture.


Provolone Piccante is characterized by its sharp and tangy flavour. The longer aging period contributes to the development of a more pronounced and robust taste compared to its milder counterpart, Provolone Dolce.