Peroni ZERO 24x33cl

Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Italian Maize, Hops, Natural Flavours.

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Peroni ZERO, available in a convenient 24x33cl packaging, is an exemplary non-alcoholic beer from the distinguished Italian brewery. With the same commitment to quality and taste that characterizes the Peroni brand, Peroni ZERO offers a refreshing and satisfying experience without the presence of alcohol.


Pouring into the glass, Peroni ZERO reveals a pale golden colour with a crystal-clear clarity, presenting an inviting visual allure. The beer is adorned with a frothy and persistent white head, enhancing its overall presentation. The aroma is subtle, with delicate malt notes and a hint of hops, providing a preview of the beer’s refreshing character.


The taste profile of Peroni ZERO is defined by a crisp and clean palate, featuring a well-balanced combination of malt sweetness and a gentle bitterness from the hops. The 33cl size is perfect for those who appreciate a single serving of this alcohol-free Italian lager.