Peroni Gran Riserva 12x500ml

Ingredients: Aromatic hops, yeast and a spring variety of distichous barley named “Cherie”.

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Peroni Gran Riserva, available in a convenient 12x500ml packaging, is an exquisite and elevated expression of Italian brewing mastery. This premium beer reflects the essence of Peroni’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship, offering a distinctive taste experience.


Pouring into the glass, Peroni Gran Riserva exhibits a deep golden colour with a slight amber hue, creating an attractive visual appeal. The beer is topped with a creamy and persistent head that enhances the overall presentation. The aroma is sophisticated, featuring a complex interplay of malt sweetness, subtle floral notes, and a hint of noble hops.


The taste profile of Peroni Gran Riserva is characterized by a rich and full-bodied malt foundation, complemented by a nuanced bitterness that adds depth to the flavour. The 500ml size provides an ample serving for those who appreciate a more substantial and indulgent beer-drinking experience.


The mouthfeel is smooth and velvety, with a refined carbonation that enhances the beer’s overall texture. Peroni Gran Riserva is designed for those seeking a beer that transcends the ordinary, making it an excellent choice for special occasions or moments of refined enjoyment.


This beer is a testament to Peroni’s commitment to tradition and innovation, and it stands as a symbol of Italian brewing excellence. Peroni Gran Riserva 12x500ml is an invitation to savour the artistry and sophistication that defines this exceptional Italian lager.