Pecorino with Pistachio 1kg

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep’s milk, pistachio nuts, salt, rennet


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Pecorino with pistachios, often known as “Pecorino al Pistacchio,” is a delicious variation of Pecorino cheese that features the addition of pistachio nuts.


The combination of the rich and savoury Pecorino flavour with the sweet and nutty taste of pistachios results in a delightful and harmonious flavour profile.


The cheese offers a balance between the salty Pecorino and the unique texture and taste of pistachios. Pecorino al Pistacchio pairs well with a variety of wines, and its nutty notes complement the flavours of dried fruits and bread. The cheese is a standout choice for cheese boards and is appreciated by those who enjoy the combination of savoury and sweet elements.


Pecorino al Pistacchio is a creative and flavourful option that showcases the versatility of Pecorino cheese. The addition of pistachios elevates the cheese, creating a delightful experience for those who appreciate innovative and artisanal cheese varieties.