Pecorino with Chilli 1kg

Spicy red chilli peppers join the mild Pecorino Dolce aroma – there is no doubt this combination works. Very eye catching due to the red-orange chilli flakes.


Approx. 2.9kg


Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep’s Milk, Chilly, Salt, Rennet.

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Pecorino with chili, often referred to as “Pecorino al Peperoncino” or “Pecorino al Chili,” is another flavourful variation of Pecorino cheese that incorporates the bold and spicy kick of chili peppers.


Similar to traditional Pecorino, Pecorino with chili starts with a base of sheep’s milk. The use of sheep’s milk imparts the distinct flavour and texture characteristic of Pecorino. The combination of Pecorino’s sharp and tangy flavour with the heat from the chili peppers creates a bold and spicy taste experience.


The cheese offers a balance between the richness of the Pecorino and the fiery kick of the chili, appealing to those who enjoy a bit of heat in their cheese. Pecorino with chili pairs well with bold red wines, and its spicy notes complement the flavours of cured meats and olives. The cheese adds a dynamic element to cheese boards and is a standout ingredient in spicy recipes.


Pecorino with chili caters to those who appreciate the fusion of robust cheese flavours with the heat of chili peppers, providing a zesty and flavourful option for cheese enthusiasts.