Pecorino with Black Pepper 1kg

Made from whole sheep’s milk, during the preparation black peppercorns are added, offering an unmistakable spicy and aromatic taste.
1kg approx.


Ingredients: Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk, Black Peppercorns, Salt, Rennet

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Pecorino with black pepper, often known as “Pecorino Pepato,” is a variation of the classic Pecorino cheese that includes the addition of black pepper. Pecorino Pepato starts with the same base as regular Pecorino, which is made from sheep’s milk.


The use of sheep’s milk contributes to its distinct flavour and texture. The addition of black pepper adds a spicy and aromatic kick to the already robust and tangy flavour of Pecorino. The combination of the cheese’s sharpness and the heat from the pepper creates a unique taste experience. Similar to other Pecorino varieties, Pecorino Pepato can undergo different aging periods.


The aging process contributes to the development of its flavour and texture, with variations ranging from a milder, younger cheese to a more intense and aged version. Pecorino Pepato, with its combination of the distinctive Pecorino base and the spicy warmth of black pepper, is a popular and flavourful cheese choice appreciated by those who enjoy a bit of heat in their cheese.