Ortuso Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5lt

TASTE: Light fruity, harmonious and has hints of green grass. Slightly bitter in the finish.

ACIDITY: Acidity expressed in oleic acid 0.2/0.6%


SHELF LIFE: 18 months from packaging

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Introducing Ortuso Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a testament to the timeless artistry of Mediterranean craftsmanship and the embodiment of purity, flavour, and tradition.


Sourced from the sun-drenched groves nestled along the picturesque hillsides of Italy, Ortuso Extra Virgin Olive Oil is meticulously crafted from the finest hand-picked olives, ensuring unparalleled quality and taste in every drop.


With its delicate balance of fruity notes and peppery finish, Ortuso Extra Virgin Olive Oil delights the palate with its rich aroma and robust flavour profile. Each bottle is a celebration of nature’s bounty, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean terroir in every golden hue.


Ortuso Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced using sustainable practices, respecting the land and preserving its natural beauty for generations to come. From tree to table, every step of the production process is guided by a dedication to quality and integrity.


Whether drizzled over fresh salads, used in marinades, or simply enjoyed as a dipping oil with crusty bread, Ortuso Extra Virgin Olive Oil elevates every culinary creation with its unparalleled taste and exceptional quality.


Experience the essence of Italy with Ortuso Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a timeless classic that transforms every meal into a culinary masterpiece.


Produced with olives from the countries bordering the Mediterranean basin, of Spanish origin.