Mozzarella Shredded 100% 2kg

2kg bags

Ingredients: Milk, Salt, Vegetarian Rennet, Potato starch, Acidity Regulator: citric acid.

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Shredded mozzarella is a convenient and widely used form of mozzarella cheese that has been pre-shredded into small, thin strands. Shredded mozzarella has a fine, stringy texture due to being processed into small strands.


It is designed for quick melting and even distribution over dishes. Shredded mozzarella is a convenient option for adding cheese to a wide range of dishes. It is commonly used as a topping for pizzas, pasta dishes, casseroles, salads, and more.


Its quick-melting properties make it a popular choice for recipes where a gooey and melted texture is desired. Shredded mozzarella is a time-saving option in the kitchen, eliminating the need for individuals to shred the cheese manually.


It’s a versatile ingredient, commonly found in households and used by cooks for its convenience and adaptability to various recipes.