LeoArdo Beech Wood Briquettes

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LeonArdo wood briquette is a nature friendly fuel which is produced by compressing virgin wood sawdust. LeonArdo, is a guaranteed 100% dried beech agglomerated briquette free of impurities, bark, glue, adhesives or industrial processing residues. Thanks to is composition and its high density, LeonArdo is able to release an average heating net calorific value of 17.3 MJ/kg. The constant combustion power is therefore nearly doubled compared to traditional wood, thus favouring notable savings, both in terms of money, fuel consumption and maintenance cost and flue ducts.

The particular 6-sided hexagon shape of the briquettes is especially design to avoids any kind of rolling on the heart of the oven.

Protect from humidity. Store at room temperature in a dry and ventilated place, away from sources ignition.