Grana Padano Grated 1kg

Ingredients: Milk, Salt, Rennet. preservative egg lysozima.

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Grana Padano is a renowned Italian cheese that is widely appreciated for its hard texture, granular consistency, and savoury flavour. an Italian cheese that has its origins in the Po River Valley in Northern Italy.


It is one of the most popular and widely produced cheeses in Italy. Grana Padano has a savory, nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness. As it ages, the cheese develops deeper, more intense notes. The taste is often described as well-balanced and versatile, making it suitable for various culinary applications.


Grana Padano is a versatile cheese used in a variety of culinary contexts. It can be enjoyed on its own, grated or shaved over dishes like pasta, risotto, salads, or soups. The cheese is also a popular addition to cheeseboards and pairs well with fruits, nuts, and honey. Grana Padano is often compared to Parmigiano-Reggiano, another famous Italian cheese, due to their similar production methods and characteristics. However, Grana Padano has its own distinct flavour profile, and both cheeses are highly regarded in Italian and international cuisine.