Gnocchi dry 12x500g

Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Water, Contains: Gluten

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The traditional Riscossa dry pasta, obtained from the grinding of durum wheat and processed according to the traditional method in use since 1902. Available in numerous sizes and ideal for preparing delicious main dishes, pasta sides and soups.


Gnocchi is a type of Italian pasta that is typically made with potatoes, flour, and sometimes eggs. These soft and doughy dumplings are a popular comfort food in Italian cuisine. While potato gnocchi is the most common variety, there are also versions made with semolina, ricotta, or other ingredients.


Gnocchi can be served in various ways, such as with tomato sauce, pesto, brown butter, or cream-based sauces. They are versatile and can be flavoured with herbs or filled with ingredients like cheese, spinach, or meat. Gnocchi are typically boiled briefly until they float to the surface, indicating that they are cooked, and then served hot.


Whether store-bought or homemade, gnocchi is enjoyed for its tender texture and ability to absorb the flavours of the accompanying sauces. It’s a classic dish that has variations across different regions in Italy.