Gnocchi di Patate 12x500g

Ingredients: Rehydrated potatoes (70%), Wheat Flour, Potato Starch, Rice Flour, Salt, acidity regulator, lactic acid, preservative: sorbic acid, natural flavour. Contains Gluten.

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“Gnocchi di patate” refers to a classic Italian dish made with potatoes. Gnocchi are soft potato dumplings that are typically served with various sauces, such as tomato sauce, pesto, or brown butter and sage. The name “gnocchi” is derived from the Italian word “nocchio,” meaning a knot in wood.


To make gnocchi di patate, boiled potatoes are mashed and mixed with flour to form a dough. The dough is then shaped into small dumplings, often with the help of a fork to create ridges, which can help the sauce adhere better. The gnocchi are usually boiled briefly until they float to the surface of the water, indicating that they are cooked and ready to be served.


Gnocchi can be a delightful alternative to traditional pasta and are appreciated for their soft, soft texture. They are a staple in Italian cuisine and can be found in various regional variations. The versatility of gnocchi makes them a favourite choice for a comforting and satisfying meal.


Pasta is synonymous with Italy, overshadowing every other feature of Italian cuisine as the most iconic and widely celebrated. From gnocchi and cannelloni to ravioli and lasagne, pasta is a guaranteed way to bring comfort and joy to the dinner table.