Ditali Lisci 500g

Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Water, Contains: Gluten.

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The traditional Riscossa dry pasta, obtained from the grinding of durum wheat and processed according to the traditional method in use since 1902. Available in numerous sizes and ideal for preparing delicious main dishes, pasta sides and soups.


Ditali lisci are a type of pasta characterized by their short, smooth tubes. The name “ditali” comes from the Italian word for “thimbles,” which reflects the small, tube-like shape of this pasta. The term “lisci” means smooth in Italian, indicating that these tubes are not ridged or textured.


Ditali lisci are often used in soups, as their small size makes them convenient for bite-sized portions. They can also be used in various pasta dishes with sauces, as the smooth surface allows sauces to adhere well. The versatility of ditali lisci makes them suitable for a wide range of recipes.


As with many traditional pasta varieties, ditali lisci are typically made from durum wheat semolina and water. Their shape and texture contribute to the overall experience of a dish, and they can be paired with different ingredients to create diverse and flavourful meals.