Dallagiovanna La Napoletana 2.0 Type ‘0’ 10kg

  • Type 0 soft wheat
    W 310
    P/L 0.60
    Proteins 12.5%
    Humidity <15

Type 0 flour is a bit less refined than type 00, use about 70% of the grain.

A new AVPN-approved flour has been launched by Dallagiovanna that is sure to impress our pizzaiolos – the Napoletana 2.0.

The AVPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana Association – founded to preserve the true Neapolitan pizza) recently approved this single 0 flour. It’s premium, less processed and has been found to be more aromatic and more easily digestible than your typical 00 flours.

Perfect for a golden, developed thick crust, a soft, elastic and pliable dough.

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