Dallagiovanna Frozen Dough Balls 40x250g

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We will try our best to have these frozen on arrival however on occasion they may arrive semi-frozen, if this is the case they will still be suitable to re-freeze and use again in the future.


We endeavour to ensure that our dough balls arrive frozen upon delivery. However, there may be instances where they arrive semi-frozen. In such cases, rest assured they are still suitable for re-freezing and future use.


Please note the following important information: Upon delivery, it is imperative that you promptly inspect the dough. Should you encounter any issues, we kindly request that you notify us within the hour of receiving your delivery.


Suitable for making 10-11″ pizza’s.


Our dough balls are crafted using premium Dalla Giovanna Red Pizza Flour 00.


Here’s how to use them effectively: Upon removal from the freezer, place the dough balls in a pizza dough box or a sufficiently large container, ensuring no flour is present. Cover with a cotton cloth or dough box lid and allow them to defrost in the fridge for approximately 12 hours. Once defrosted, lightly coat the dough with flour before returning it to the dough box. From here, you have two options: Either leave the dough at room temperature and use it within the next 12 hours, or cover the pizza dough box with a cotton cloth and store it in the fridge for use within the next 2 days.


Please be aware that if you order other products alongside the dough balls, standard delivery charges will apply. Free delivery applies solely to this product.


Should you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.