Biscotti Almond 24x36g

Pan Ducale Italian Almond Biscotti – 24 x 36g


Produced in the Abruzzo region of Italy.


Ingredients: Whole wheat flour (35%), Raw cane sugar, Almonds (20%), Pasteurized fresh eggs, Butter, (cows milk), Honey, Salt, Raising agent (bicarbonate) Natural flavourings.



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Pan Ducale biscotti are still made using an antique family dough recipe that is prepared semi-manually under the watchful eye of family experts. They contain no additives, no preservatives and artificial flavourings and are suitable for all occasions. Pan Ducale still uses the old method of artisan manufacturing and only the very highest quality, local ingredients.


Biscotti Almond, an Italian delicacy, is a type of double-baked, oblong-shaped cookie renowned for its crunchy texture and rich almond flavour. The name “biscotti” is derived from the Italian words “bis” and “cotto,” meaning “twice” and “baked,” respectively. This method of preparation contributes to the cookie’s characteristic hard and dry texture, making it ideal for dipping into beverages like coffee or wine.


The key ingredient in Biscotti Almond is, of course, almonds. Finely ground almonds or almond extract is often incorporated into the cookie dough, infusing it with a nutty and sweet aroma. The dough typically includes a combination of flour, sugar, eggs, and baking powder, creating a firm and dense consistency suitable for the double-baking process.


The first round of baking results in a loaf or log shape, after which the biscotti is sliced into individual pieces. These slices are then arranged cut-side down and baked again until they achieve a golden-brown hue. The second baking is crucial for developing the characteristic dry and crisp texture of biscotti.


The finished Biscotti Almond showcases a beautiful arrangement of almond pieces, visible in the cross-section of each slice. The cookies are often left plain or may be drizzled with a layer of chocolate or glaze for added sweetness and visual appeal.


Biscotti Almond is appreciated for its versatility. It can be enjoyed on its own as a satisfying snack or paired with various beverages for a delightful dipping experience. Its enduring popularity lies in the perfect blend of almond richness, subtle sweetness, and the satisfying crunch that makes it a timeless treat for cookie enthusiasts and lovers of Italian cuisine alike.