Aria Caputo Flour 5kg

Protein: 13%

Elasticity: P/L 0.50 / 0.60

Panification/Strength: W 300 / 320

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Caputo® Aria Tipo “0” Flour with added Mother Sourdough.


Excellent for the preparation of voluminous and alveolated doughs produced with sourdough from dedicated grains, it is a guarantee for the preparation of tasty pinsa, peel pizzas and pan pizzas.


Recommended for highly hydrating, alveolated, light, crunchy and easy-to-handle doughs.


“Pasta Madre” is an inactive dried sourdough obtained by kneading exclusively water and type “0” soft wheat flour, an ancient recipe that gives the dough lightness, fragrance and shelf life.


Aria is a natural 100% flour slowly ground from the best grains selected by Mulino Caputo, also ideal for the manufacture of bases to be regenerated in the oven and for the cold chain.