Anelletti 500g

Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Water, Contains: Gluten



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The traditional Riscossa dry pasta, obtained from the grinding of durum wheat and processed according to the traditional method in use since 1902. Available in numerous sizes and ideal for preparing delicious main dishes, pasta sides and soups.


Anelleti pasta is a traditional Sicilian pasta variety. These are small, ring-shaped pasta that resembles tiny, short tubes. The word “anelleti” comes from the Italian word “anello,” which means ring or circle.


Anelleti pasta is often used in Sicilian cuisine to make dishes like “Anelleti al Forno,” where the pasta is baked with layers of meat sauce, peas, and cheese. It’s a popular choice for baked pasta dishes due to its unique shape, which holds sauces and flavours well.